Secure HTTPS

When choosing a web host provider there are many things to consider and it takes careful planning to make the best and economical choice. All host providers aren't created equal, and special attention is needed to make sure that any server programming or special web features you may require are supported.

Having a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secure server is necessary to provide you and your site viewers the most security possible if sensitive data will be sent via the web. An example of a situation in need of having a secure server would be an on-line store where credit card information will be sent.

Bandwidth is a factor that is crucial to sites that where users and stream, download, or stream video or audio files. Exceeding your bandwidth can cause many problems other than a suspended site and upset visitors.

An email account with your website looks very professional when the name of your site also has the name of where you receive your mail ( and yourname @ Insure that your hosting company provides all of the email features like forwarding and POP or IMAP and ample email accounts for your and your staff.

Popular Web BrowsersA website is an important part of any advertising campaign. Your website is a very important part of doing business and should accurately depict your product and services. This is why your website needs to be easy to navigate and present an informative/persuasive platform that appeals to your target audience.

HTML5 PoweredOur web developers have years of experience with PHP, MySQL, XML, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Flash and other commonly used languages. We also utilize Content Management Systems (CMS) for the professional look and feel that many of or clients want.

Valid XHTML 1.0 TransitionalMany of our designs are tested using the most popular web browsers to ensure that our finished product has a unified look and feel to our clients and their customers. While also adhering to W3C and Section 508 allows we stay current with web standards that will allow us to create and implement quality solutions.

Popular Search EnginesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most valuable web services your business can utilize.With an increasing number of people being savvy internet users, more people utilize the major search engines to locate businesses, products, and services. Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a new or existing web site’s traffic from search engines by modifying the web site’s code, content, linking structure, layout and navigation.

APM only practices Ethical "white hat" SEO. We understand the importance of a business having it's presence on the web. This is why we incorporate many SEO techniques into the development of the sites we build. There are specific rules and formats that your website must follow in order to rank well. Those that overlook these rules scam the system find their sites at the bottom of the list or even black listed. Although the organic and ethical approach is not the fastest way to be listed at the top of search engines, it does help with making sure your content is found. No one can guarantee success with organic search results. What we do is provide your site with the tools to become a success and stay successful.

The alternative to the organic approach is to use Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC). PPC is a form of advertising by which the marketer pays an organization every time his advertisement is clicked. There are many sources of information on the web about PPC, and many companies that offer it like Google Adwords.

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